Tacoma, WA – Embrace the charm of flannel shirts, the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee, and the lush greenery of Pierce County this winter with Visit Tacoma-Pierce County - Mt. Rainier Tourism and Sports’ newly crafted itinerary. Designed by local destination experts, this curated adventure invites you to live out the endearing clichés of the Pacific Northwest, ensuring visitors have an optimal, stress-free experience.

"Let's face it, clichés are clichés for a reason - they're often built on the best a destination has to offer, and what it’s best known for. Our new itinerary celebrates every wonderful stereotype of the Pacific Northwest, from the mountainside of Mount Rainier to the saltwater shores of the Salish Sea," said Matt Wakefield, Chief Marketing and Data Officer. "We invite you to throw on a beanie, sip craft beer, and enjoy our local legends, without the fuss of planning. Let us guide you to the experiences that make the natural world and communities around Pierce County unforgettable."

The itinerary is peppered with scenic small towns like Wilkeson, Bonney Lake, and Buckley, inviting adventurers to sip on locally roasted coffee and discover boutique shops that echo the area’s rustic charm. As they journey through Eatonville and Ashford, travelers will encounter rich cultural touchstones, from indigenous heritage sites to galleries showcasing the work of local artisans.

Gastronomic delights are a cornerstone, with opportunities to sample a diverse array of cuisines that reflect the Pacific Northwest's melting pot of cultures. Visitors can relish the simplicity of farm-fresh produce or indulge in the comfort of homestyle cooking, all while enjoying the backdrop of the region's picturesque landscapes.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find solace in the natural beauty of the area, with stops that include city park trails, mountain-side recreation, and the serene environment of Longmire's historic district. The blend of leisure and adventure ensures that each traveler can find their perfect pace.

With this new itinerary, Visit Tacoma-Pierce County - Mt. Rainier Tourism and Sports aims to give visitors a memorable experience, prompting stories and memories to share long after their departure. The initiative reflects a commitment to stress-free exploration and the authentic discovery of Washington State's wonders.

To download the itinerary and plan your trip, visit www.traveltacoma.com/cliche.

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