Live Music

Welcome to the heart of the Pacific Northwest's music scene - Tacoma and Pierce County! Here, every note tells a story, and every venue has a character of its own. Whether you're a classical connoisseur, a rock enthusiast, or a jazz aficionado, our region's live music offerings will surely strike a chord with you.

Start with the Tacoma Dome, an icon that needs no introduction. This mammoth venue is a beacon for music lovers, attracting world-renowned artists and bands since David Bowie kicked things off in 1983. At the Tacoma Dome, it's not just a concert; it's an experience where memories are made under the massive dome, resonating with the energy of thousands of fans.

For a touch of elegance and historical charm, the Pantages and Rialto theaters in downtown Tacoma are your go-to destinations. These beautifully restored venues provide an intimate backdrop for performances ranging from the mesmerizing Tacoma Symphony Orchestra to vibrant stage shows. The acoustics here are as grand as the architecture, making every performance a rich auditory feast.

But wait, there's more for the classical music enthusiasts! The Northwest Sinfonietta, renowned for its innovative and captivating performances, graces various stages across the county, bringing classical music into the 21st century with style and finesse.

And for those who love a bit of historical flair with their music, the Spanish Ballroom at McMenamins Elks Temple is a must-visit. This stunning venue, with its intricate Spanish-inspired designs and grandiose setting, hosts an array of musical acts. It's a place where history and modern tunes dance together in perfect harmony.

From the grand Tacoma Dome to the classical notes of the Northwest Sinfonietta, and the historical elegance of the Pantages, Rialto, and Spanish Ballroom, Pierce County offers a symphony of live music experiences. Each venue tells its own story, and each performance is an invitation to be part of our region's rich musical tapestry. So come, immerse yourself in the sounds that define Tacoma and Pierce County – where every note feels like home.