Food & Drink

In Pierce County, every city offers a unique flavor to our culinary landscape, creating a smorgasbord of tastes that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest.

Tacoma: A city where culinary artistry flourishes. Savor the big, rich flavors at Tibbitts at Fernhill, or enjoy the stunning views and exquisite cuisine at Stanley & Seafort's. Over the Moon Cafe offers an intimate escape with its thoughtful dishes, while The Lobster Shop on Ruston Way delights with fresh seafood and waterfront dining. Beer lovers can't miss 7 Seas Brewery and E9 Brewery, where local craft brews tell Tacoma's story in every sip.

Puyallup: Home to comfort food reimagined at Crockett's Public House and Power House Brewery, where the laid-back atmosphere perfectly complements their craft brews.

Lakewood: Known for its international flair, especially the Korean BBQ restaurants, where grilling is not just a meal, but a communal experience.

Gig Harbor: Heritage Distilling offers artisan spirits with a local twist, and the picturesque setting makes it a must-visit for spirit enthusiasts.

Sumner: The Windmill Bistro, nestled in Windmill Gardens, provides a charming and cozy dining experience, perfect for those seeking a quaint and picturesque setting.

Near Mount Rainier: Stringtown Cellars bottles the essence of the Pacific Northwest, offering wines that reflect the majesty of the nearby mountain.

In Pierce County’s smaller towns, you'll discover hidden gems like cozy breweries and quaint distilleries, each with their own unique story.

From Tacoma’s urban chic to Lakewood's international tastes, from Puyallup’s comfort food to Gig Harbor’s crafted spirits, Pierce County is a feast for the senses. Come, join us at our table, where every bite and sip is a part of our story. These are just a sampler of the flavors that are waiting for you to try.