The Convenience Factor in Tacoma

What does convenience really mean to your meeting?

A lot of destinations will tout the convenience and walkability of their downtown, but what does that really mean to meeting planners and attendees?

It means less stress for both, but only if it's true. 

In Tacoma, it means...

...being able to see the convention center from several major hotels, only an easy two- or three-minute walk away. 

...being able to get to a lunch spot - or in Tacoma's case, more than a dozen lunch spots - with plenty of time to enjoy a meal before the afternoon sessions kick off.

...having a light rail line (just one, so there's no chance of getting lost) running right in front of the Greater Tacoma Convention Center.

...five major museums (Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum, Children's Museum of Tacoma, LeMay - America's Car Museum) within walking or light-rail distance. coffee shops and craft breweries that are within a few minutes' walk of both hotels and the Greater Tacoma Convention Center.

Convenience is a feature of Tacoma, but the real benefit is less stress for meeting planners and attendees, and more time spent on the things that really matter in your event - learning, networking, and enjoying the artistic, outdoor-loving city that's welcoming them.