renovating for sustainable reasons
Brighter Planet noted that major renovations are a good time for hotels to reevaluate and make significant changes to energy and carbon efficiencies. The Best Western Premier Plaza in Puyallup, Wash. is one hotel that recognized its need to make some sexy and necessary green changes.

Guests will find in-room recycling bins, standard ?hang the towel and we'll leave it? signs and compostable plates and bowls in the dining area. More importantly, they've made some not-so-sexy changes to help the property have a smaller carbon footprint. Some things guests may not notice include low-flow toilets, showers and faucets; low energy bulbs throughout the property; recovered furniture and repurposed items throughout the hotel. During the remodel, all dressers and desks were refinished and given new knobs. The Best Western Premier Plaza supports locally-sourced food and natural vegetation was added to the exterior. The Best Western Premier Plaza makes sure to hire staff who care about the environment and strive to improve and positively influence green practices. Learn More?