In July, the tourism community mourned the loss of Stanley Selden. Stan had been a pillar of the community. When I started my role as CEO of Travel Tacoma and Pierce County in 2012, Stan was one of the first people to call me and welcome me into the fold.
He joyfully took me out on his boat and introduced me to the South Sound like I had not yet seen it.
Before illness took him quickly away from the center of things, Stan was heading up the effort to bring Festival of Sail back to Tacoma in June of 2017. This would be a follow up to his co-chairing of Tall Ships Festival in 2005 and 2008. For which the committee won the 2005 Port of the Year Award.
I’ll always be grateful to Stan for the warm welcome he gave me. When I think about Stan’s life, I’m grateful that he truly lived up to the best of our region, never taking for granted what a beautiful place he lived in, and always wanting to share it with others. A true ambassador for our community. He leaves a big hole in our community, but I look forward to honoring him and his legacy next June when once again we’ll see the sails come to shore.
Bennish Brown
President and CEO
Travel Tacoma and Pierce County