Forks and Corks invites epicureans (and the just epi-curious) from afar to a showcase of the South Sound's culinary prowess, an event that seamlessly marries the art of food and wine pairing. On May 16, the serene grounds of Farm 12 in Puyallup serve as the backdrop for an evening where each course is a deliberate fusion of flavors, designed by the acclaimed Chef Aaron Welch, and paired with the finest local wines.

The event promises more than a meal; it’s an experience enriched by the acoustic melodies of country artist John King. With the setting sun as the starter and the stars as the dessert, the night is an invitation to extend the joy into a serene stay in one of Puyallup's comfortable hotels, turning a delightful evening into a leisurely escape.

While dropping in on the region, visitors have a spectrum of activities to enrich their stay. The quaint charm of downtown Puyallup beckons with its unique shops and historic aura. The surrounding Pierce County burgeons with natural beauty and trails that offer tranquility or thrilling outdoor pursuits. The proximity to Mt. Rainier provides a scenic day trip opportunity, showcasing the Pacific Northwest's grandeur.

Forks and Corks is the center of a whole visit to the South Sound, capturing the essence of the region’s gastronomic and viticultural offerings. It stands as a compelling reason for travelers to linger longer, explore deeper, and savor the collective narrative of Puyallup and Pierce County. And if you plan savor it more than a little through Forks and Corks, there's always a comfortable bed close at hand in a Puyallup hotel.

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