Everyone these days has time to text, tweet and email, but few can take the time to commune with the great outdoors. ?This is a shame,? says Smart Meetings Magazine ?because it is in the great outdoors - away from the social media universe, cubicles and news cycles - that revelation most commonly occurs.? Many meetings are held in a city away from nature, however there are venues popping up around awe-inspiring nature settings. 

So what does moving your meeting into nature mean for your attendees? They will have the opportunity to trade in the sound of their cell phone for the sound of the birds singing and circulated cubical air for a fresh breeze. All of which allows attendees, and you, to breathe and reboot. 

The benefits for your attendees will result in benefits for your meeting. Curtis Bova, vice president of national sales for Destination Hotels + Resorts says that meeting in ??awe-inspiring settings help agendas take on an inspiring tone and encourage creative thinking.? In addition, Bova says that meeting outdoors also has a positive effect on attendance because of the appeal of the destination.
Give your attendees the opportunity to get out of the office and breathe the fresh open air, while increasing attendance and creativity for you. From the forest, to the mountains, to the water Tacoma + Pierce County offers a variety of outdoor meeting venues and excursions.