Most people believe that business travel comes with too many hassles, making it a stressful experience. However, according to a recent survey, a majority of travelers said they enjoy preparing for their trips and furthermore feel positive while they are on the trip. Travelers enjoy their business trips because it gives them a lot of freedom. 

Where does this sense of freedom come from? The survey, conducted by Fairfield Inn + Suites points to business trips allowing travelers to experience new places, try new food, not go into the office and spend time alone. All of these things also lead to improved self-confidence.

What does this mean for planning your next meeting? It means choosing meeting locations that allow your attendees to travel. If business trips make travelers happy then you'll end up with happy attendees, which leads to an improved event with better ideas produced.
When choosing a location for your next meeting, it's important to choose a location that has a variety of attractions and dining options. In Tacoma + Pierce County, Wash. your attendees can find everything ranging from museums to natural outdoor beauty to local cuisine. The variety of things to see, do and eat in Tacoma + Pierce County allows your attendees to have an experience that they'll never forget.