2011 recipients of the city of destiny award

TRCVB's Visitor Information Center (VIC) volunteers earned the City of Destiny Award in the category for Corporation or Business. Each volunteer deserves this recognition for their strong commitment to our organization and the visitors they serve. The VIC volunteers worked a total of 3,383 hours in 2010 staffing the VIC, providing onsite services to various conferences throughout Pierce County and completing many special projects for the TRCVB. Their time equates to an in-kind value of $70,668 toward the TRCVB bottom line and we cannot show our appreciation enough.

Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the City Council recognized Tacoma's top volunteers - six individuals and four groups - during the 25th annual City of Destiny Awards on May 10. The event drew more than 100 people to recognize and congratulate all of the great volunteers in Tacoma. We were proud to have 12 of our volunteers at the awards ceremony to accept this recognition on behalf of all TRCVB volunteers. We were supported by 13 Board of Directors and volunteers? friends and families. The program was inspiring to all in attendance recognizing many wonderful individuals and groups who are dedicated to Tacoma.


Our volunteers help make Tacoma's Visitor Information Center (VIC) the best resource in Pierce County for regional visitor information. Volunteers provide services to enhance visitor experiences, lengthen stays, create return visits and increase visitor spending in Tacoma + Pierce County. The VIC is staffed by a team of more than 30 volunteers who are a vital part of the TRCVB's visitor services programs. Each volunteer brings with them a love for our region and excitement to share it with others.


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