host a successful holiday event
This holiday season, meeting attendees are looking for a way to let stress go and experience something unique. Terri L. Fisher, president of 5 Star Talent and Entertainment, recently reported on Meetings + Event's Media Group about upcoming trends to expect for the holiday season. Hard economic times provide the best reason for a company or organization to celebrate employees and volunteers who have worked hard all year under trying circumstances, Fisher says.

Employee recognition is vital to an organization's success. The holidays are an appropriate time to shine the spotlight. Fisher reminds planners to keep in mind, the main objective of a good party is to get people talking, laughing and forgetting the everyday concerns.

Here are some creative, cost-saving tips Fisher suggests for planning holiday events:
  • Feast Upon Savings: Talk to your favorite caterers about hors d'oeuvres and desserts instead of lavish sit-down dinners.
  • Using Your Resources: Have the office team bring in a favorite dish. Get a tree and have everyone bring in an ornament.
  • Crystal-Ball Gazing: Few things are more intriguing than looking into the future. Set up a fortune-telling booth and hire a palm-reader, tarot card reader or any related psychic or handwriting analyst.
  • Make Some Magic: Everyone is fascinated by magic tricks and illusions. "How did he do that?" makes for great party conversation. A strolling magician doing card and coin tricks keeps the energy flowing.
  • Dance-Off: An interactive dance class with a talented instructor or new video game like the Xbox Kinect can provide entertainment and hilarity for a crowd used to spending their days behind computer screens.
Whatever the budget, the key is to think outside the lines with a holiday party. Play up the nostalgia of the season and remember for whom you're planning. In Tacoma + Pierce County, there is no shortage of fun winter activities, unique holiday venues and ways to make this holiday season enjoyable for all.