Tacoma Art Museum invites visitors to immerse themselves in a transformative journey through its newly reinstalled Haub Family Galleries. This ambitious reimagining, titled [re]Frame, brings together four innovative exhibitions that offer fresh and diverse perspectives on the art of the American West.

Finding Home: The Chinese American West

The first exhibition, Finding Home: The Chinese American West, guides visitors through the often-overlooked stories of Chinese immigrants in the American West, and particularly elements of that story where Tacoma plays an antagonistic role. Through a rich tapestry of artifacts and artworks, this exhibition reveals the profound impact of Chinese culture on the region’s history. Visitors can expect to see intricate porcelain pieces, traditional garments, and poignant photographs that paint a vivid picture of perseverance and cultural fusion.

Blackness is… the Refusal to be Reduced

Blackness is… the Refusal to be Reduced presents contemporary Black art that explores themes of materiality, the body, memory, and resilience. This powerful exhibition features mixed media installations, striking sculptures, and evocative paintings that challenge viewers to consider the multifaceted experiences of Black artists in America. Each piece serves as a testament to the strength and creativity that have been integral to the Black experience in the West.

Nepantla: The Land is the Beloved

In Nepantla: The Land is the Beloved, visitors will encounter the works of artists from the Arab diaspora, whose pieces reflect a deep connection to the dramatic landscapes of the American West. This exhibition not only showcases stunning visual art but also delves into the complex history of the region, acknowledging and resisting its colonial past. The vibrant, often abstract works invite viewers to explore themes of identity, displacement, and belonging.

The Abiqueños and The Artist

The Abiqueños and The Artist juxtaposes the work of Diné and Ho-Chunk photographer Russel Albert Daniels with that of iconic artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Through this unique pairing, the exhibition explores differing views of the land and landscape of Abiquiú, New Mexico. Daniels' contemporary photographs bring a new dimension to O’Keeffe’s celebrated paintings, providing a dialogue between past and present, indigenous and modern perspectives.

An Immersive Experience

The [re]Frame reinstallation is more than just a visual feast; it’s an immersive experience that invites visitors to engage with the art on a deeper level. The interactive elements throughout the galleries encourage guests to reflect on their own connections to the themes presented. Whether it’s through multimedia installations, tactile exhibits, or guided tours, each visitor is invited to find their own personal connection to the art and stories within.

Plan your visit to Tacoma Art Museum today and experience the newly reimagined Haub Family Galleries. Dive into these compelling exhibitions and leave with a fresh perspective on the rich, diverse history and culture of the American West.

For more information on current exhibitions and programming, visit Tacoma Art Museum's website.