What if you stepped into a world of speculative art at Tacoma Art Museum’s new what if exhibition, a groundbreaking showcase featuring the works of Black artists exploring Black interiority? This dynamic exhibition invites you to delve into alternative realities through interactive installations and contemporary artworks that celebrate and affirm Black identity and experiences. Engage with art in a whole new way as pieces respond to your presence and actions, making each visit a unique adventure. Featuring innovative techniques and mediums, these thought-provoking works by Kristina Batiste, Le'Ecia Farmer, and Cristina Martinez push the boundaries of traditional art forms, encouraging you to ponder the possibilities of what could be.

What If at Tacoma Art Museum (TAM)

What if is more than an exhibition; it's a celebration of Black creativity and introspection. Imagine digital projections that shift as you move, interactive sculptures that invite you to become part of the artwork, and immersive soundscapes by Christopher Hill that transport you to otherworldly realms. Each piece is crafted to provoke thought and elicit emotional responses, ensuring visitors leave with a renewed sense of curiosity and wonder. The exhibition also features artist talks and workshops, offering a deeper dive into the creative minds behind these visionary works.

While you’re here, extend your artistic journey with a visit to the Museum of Glass, where live glassblowing demonstrations and stunning glass art installations await. This neighboring museum complements the speculative nature of what if with its own dazzling displays. End your day with an overnight stay at the luxurious Hotel Murano, where each floor is a tribute to a different glass artist. This boutique hotel blends comfort with creativity, making it the perfect retreat for art enthusiasts. After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel’s stylish restaurant, take a final stroll along Tacoma’s waterfront, reflecting on the imaginative experiences of your art-centric getaway.

Explore what if and more, and let Tacoma’s vibrant art scene ignite your imagination.