Duke's Chowder House has made a name for itself as the premier local, sustainable seafood restaurateur in the Pacific Northwest. With six locations in the Puget Sound region, its Tacoma location on Ruston Way has been its most prosperous. 

The restaurant has found success in building its brand promise on their chemical-free, sustainable practices, led by its founder, Duke Moscrip's hands-on approach to finding the best, sustainably caught seafood.

"Buying natural just makes sense," says Moscrip. "The end result is that our guests get really incredible food."

Duke's Chowder House is building on that strong brand promise with its new cookbook to be released this fall. Part cookbook and part "The Ultimate Catch," the new book "As Wild as it Gets... Duke's Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipes" will feature Duke's favorite recipes, as well as personal stories from trips to the Alaska wild oceans.