Thank you to our members, board and community for a collaborative and exciting year.
2011 has been a year of challenges. Our community has transitioned in several significant leadership positions, our members have had to find innovative ways to assess business models in a tough economy and our customers have been looking for closer partnerships.

There are many things that make times like these difficult, but there are inspiring things that come from those challenges. The most exciting perhaps is that we are all looking to work together to find solutions, leverage our resources and find new, compelling ways to attract and retain customers. We begin creative initiatives to gain market share and we join together in issues of advocacy that affect our communities and businesses.

Challenging times make us all think harder and forge new, sometimes non-traditional, relationships and which are good for our future. As we close out 2011 we are grateful for so many new ideas, partnerships and alliances.

The TRCVB wishes you all a safe and happy holiday season, and a new year filled with hope, optimism and success.