It's hard to believe the holidays are nearly here and the year is drawing to a close. This has been a challenging and exciting year for our community. The TRCVB has increased sales and marketing initiatives and delivered significantly more business opportunities and our members and partners have worked with us to convert these opportunities to definite booked business.

We have much to report in accomplishments and about those who have served our community, and we hope you join us on Nov. 17 for our annual Tourism Matters Meeting, and to celebrate the nominees and winners of the Fifth Annual Tourism Celebrity Awards. 

At the Nov. 17 event we will also talk about what we have learned to date through our community's participation in strategic planning focus groups over the past several weeks. There is an online survey available now that we hope each person reading this will participate in. Please take the survey and share your honest answers about how well we're doing. Your feedback will help us determine how to strategically plan and budget to deliver the greatest impact and return on investment. Please click here to complete the survey.

Although it's already mid-November, there is still much to do in 2011, and an exciting 2012 to look forward to!