hotel's sustainability efforts
Hoteliers and meeting venues are under tight scrutiny when it comes to carbon efficiencies and energy conservation practices. According to Brighter Planet's study of carbon and energy efficiency in hotels, the number of LEED-certified hotels doubled last year.

Efficiency variation exists in any location and at any chain or luxury level hotel. ?This means that regardless of location or budget, significant opportunities exist for almost all travelers to reduce their footprints simply through their choice of hotel,? reports Brighter Plant.

The study also states that properties built in the 2000s use more than twice as much energy per room night than those built from 1965 to 1975. Analysts with Brighter Plant say the most important sustainability decisions take place either when a facility is planned and built or when facilities go through a major renovation. 

Hotels like to boast about ?sexy? sustainability measures such as turning down the thermostat on the pool or putting linen reuse signs in guest rooms. Though helpful to share with guests, they do not have the same effect as changing out the boiler.

When looking for a green hotel or meeting venue, it's nice to see what the property is boasting about. However, to get real answers on sustainability measures, ask questions. Learn the facts about what makes a property green and share that with the event decision makers. Holding hoteliers and suppliers accountable for green practices is the only sure way to see green changes. 

Pierce County is proud to be in the heart of the Evergreen State, which leads the country in sustainability standards. There is no shortage of environmentally-friendly venues in this region.