Celebrate your role in the industry
May 5 through 13 is National Travel and Tourism Week. To celebrate, each day this week the Tacoma Regional CVB will introduce you to new tourism ambassadors from around  Pierce County. These ambassadors represent the diverse market segments and demographics that make up Pierce County's tourism industry and will be a part of the Why Tourism Matters campaign.
Who should participate: restaurants, retailers, hotels, meeting + event venues, attractions, tourism services and more. This celebration is for every TRCVB member!

Why you should participate: You and your business are an integral component to the community and tourism industry. Tourism supports 10,060 jobs and generates $68.8 million dollars in tax receipts in Pierce County. You are a part of this important economic driver. Show locals why your business and tourism matters!

How to participate: There are two ways you can join the celebration this week!

1. We are unveiling 1-2 new Tourism Ambassadors a day this week via email. These emails will include a special poster that you can print and display in your business for team members and customers see.  Download posters.

We will also be welcoming an Amtrak train of visitors on Friday, May 11 around 10:56 a.m. We will be greeting the passengers as the arrive at the Tacoma Amtrak station and helping them find things to do and places to see this weekend. Join us in welcoming the passengers!

Sign Me Up! If you would like to participate in an Amtrak welcome, please RSVP to andrea@traveltacoma.com
For more information on the Pierce County Tourism Ambassadors, please contact Andrea at [253] 284-3268 or andrea@traveltacoma.com.