Meet Pierce County's Homegrown Heroes. These local farmers and chefs are dedicated to showcasing the best tastes of the region. 

From the farm to the table and the earth to the plate, these local artisans will help you discover what taking the FAR out of FARM is all about.

Farmer Terry Carkner

Terry's Berries Terry's Berries, TacomaThis organic berry and produce farm is located on the edge of Tacoma in the Puyallup Valley. Terry has farmed these 20 acres with her husband Dick for 30 years. She is committed to growing high-quality, fresh food and bridging the gap between the consumer and the farmer. To Terry, it's important to know where your food comes from, so you're always welcome to stop by the farm to learn more!

Why should you go local? Terry says: 

"It's important to buy local produce. Locally-grown food is fresher, and you're supporting the local farmer who is hiring local people to grow it. You're saving our farmland and open space. Families like to come out and pick their own berries and beans—that way, they get to know that it's really fresh."

Meet Terry at her farm at 4520 River Road in Tacoma. Terry sells seasonal fruits and veggies year-round from her farm store and offers farm tours. Her produce is sold May through October at the Puyallup and Tacoma Farmers Markets.

Chef Matt Stickle

Matt Stickle BITE Restaurant, TacomaAs the Executive Chef of the BITE Restaurant at Tacoma's Hotel Murano, Matt takes full advantage of the harvest season. Committed to using fresh, local ingredients, he is best known for his weekly specials made with produce purchased straight from Tacoma's Farmers Market. His dishes are more than just artfully and creatively prepared: they offer a taste that can't be bought in a store.

What's better about locally-grown foods? Matt says:

"I love using high-quality products and not overpowering the main ingredient. A good grilled piece of fish or meat marinate or flavored with salts or butters and great veggies on the side is the best! With farmers markets, the produce is picked when it's ripe. You will taste the difference!"

Meet Matt and taste his delicious creations with local ingredients at the BITE Restaurant in downtown Tacoma. Or if you're lucky, catch him wandering through the Tacoma Broadway Farmers Market on a Thursday in May through October.

Farmer Cheryl Ouellette

Cheryl OuelletteCheryl the Pig Lady, TacomaThis Tacoma farmer has bridged the gap between urban and rural living. Her five-acre farm, located on the border of Tacoma and Puyallup, is home to pigs, cows, chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys and more. Cheryl is a one-woman operation, relying on her animals to do their share of work. She depends on nature and happy animals to help her land prosper, not pesticides and chemicals.

Why does quality matter? Cheryl says:

"My goal is to grow really, really good food for myself, my family and my community, and then teach other people how to do the same thing. I really enjoy working with local chefs, discovering what I can grow for them that they will appreciate and can't get anywhere else."

Meet Cheryl at her "Cheryl the Pig Lady" stand in the Proctor Farmers Market on North 27th St. + Proctor St. in Tacoma every Saturday, May through September. You can also taste her beef at Primo Grill in Tacoma or Terra Plata in Seattle.