For those enchanted by the allure of Impressionist art, Tacoma presents a captivating reason to visit this February. The city is set to host "Imagine Monet," an immersive exhibition at the Tacoma Armory starting Feb. 14, 2024. This unique experience, crafted by the innovative French directors Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, promises to envelop visitors in the ethereal world of Claude Monet, one of Impressionism's most beloved figures. From the iconic "Soleil levant" to the tranquil "Water Lilies" series, attendees will traverse through over 200 of Monet's masterpieces, brought to life with the revolutionary Image Totale technology.

For those seeking to extend their artistic journey with an overnight stay, the Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma at Point Ruston Waterfront emerges as a fitting choice. Celebrated for its stunning location and exceptional facilities, this hotel offers a luxurious base from which to explore Tacoma's broad spectrum of arts and culture​​. The hotel itself, rated highly for its cleanliness, comfort, and excellent staff, situates guests in the heart of Tacoma's vibrant waterfront, with easy access to other notable attractions​​.

In addition to "Imagine Monet," art enthusiasts will find the Tacoma Art Museum and the Museum of Glass as essential visits to complete their cultural itinerary. The Tacoma Art Museum is known for its extensive collection, which includes significant works of American, European, and Indigenous art, potentially housing Impressionist pieces that resonate with Monet's influence. Meanwhile, the Museum of Glass offers a contemporary twist, showcasing breathtaking glass art installations and live glassblowing demonstrations, reflecting Tacoma's innovative spirit in the realm of visual arts.

For those preferring a blend of historical charm and modern elegance, Hotel Murano stands out as another prime lodging option. With its own impressive collection of glass art and a central location, it provides guests with an aesthetically pleasing environment and convenient access to Tacoma's artistic attractions​​.

By intertwining a visit to "Imagine Monet" with stays at these remarkable hotels and visits to the Tacoma Art Museum and Museum of Glass, travelers can immerse themselves in a world of beauty, creativity, and inspiration, making their trip to Tacoma a memorable exploration of art and culture.