For the views, food, and ability to keep a respectful and healthy distance, it's really hard to beat Point Ruston.

You'll see families cruising up and down the waterfront on bicycle surreys. People walking over to check out the views from Dune Peninsula. And the background sound for all this is one part piped-in country music, one part waves lapping against the rocks, and one part seagulls that just don't know when to quit.

Enter: The Point Ruston Public Market. Just opened this summer, the public market has stalls for fresh fruit and vegetable vendors, florists, artists and craftspeople. Go pick up a bag of doughnut peaches from the Chelan area and some fresh flowers before taking a walk along the waterfront.

And very importantly, a big installation for Owen Meats: "The Candy Store for the Carnivore." If you've been to Point Ruston in the two years or so, you've probably walked past the Owen Meats vending machine that's been taunting us with wagyu wishes and pepperoni dreams. Now it's reality, and they occupy a big corner of the public market building, which is adjacent to the Point Ruston parking garage. 

Want to take a look before you go? 

A 360-degree video of the market:


The entryway: 

Fresh flowers!

Peaches, pears, and plums by the bagful. 

Handmade, local hair and body products!