Is it just us, or do the holidays make you thirsty? Pierce County has all the special beverages to pleasantly drown a crowd, including seasonal brews, cocktails with fancy garnishes, and hot teas—because baby it’s cold outside! Skip the big-name drinks and support these options from local businesses, whether you’re headed to a work holiday party, want to impress the in-laws, are in search of a last-minute host gift, or simply want to taste the season for yourself.


Black Fleet Brewing: Porter Starboard

black fleet brewing holiday porter

What it is: A rich-style beer with deep dark chocolate flavor, hints of toffee, and a crisp, clean finish.

Who loves it: Beer aficionados and fans of Guinness

Pair it with: Beef stew, shepherds pie, or chili

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Bluebeard Coffee: Snowbeard Holiday Blend

bluebeard coffee tacoma

What it is: A holiday blend of coffees from Mexico, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, with tasting notes of cocoa nibs, plum, concord grape, and orange spice.

Who loves it: Your favorite coffee snob

Pair it with: Breakfast, holiday cookies, and maybe some Irish cream!

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Cockrell Cider: Colonial Winter Cider

cockrell colonial cider puyallup holiday

What it is: An old-fashioned blend of raisins, brown sugar, and apple cider, clocking in at about 9.4% ABV.

Who loves it: Cider lovers, or anyone who loves spiced seasonal drinks like mulled wine

Pair it with: Pork chops, creamy pasta or risotto, or a cheese board

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Field Bar Bottle Shop: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Field Bar Bottle Shop non alcoholic

What it is: Browse this section of the bottle shop for ready-made mocktails in a can, n/a aperitifs that pair beautifully with club soda, botanical “spirits” for your at-home mixologists, and fancy sodas.

Who loves it: Anyone who doesn’t drink and wants more options than just bitters and soda

Pair it with: A beautiful cocktail glass so they can enjoy the experience

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Heritage Distilling: Elf Around and Find Out

heritage brewing gig harbor elf around and find out

What it is: A sweet and spiritous peppermint-chocolate cocktail, served hot.

Who loves it: Anyone with a sweet tooth, or coming in from the cold.

Pair it with: Your favorite holiday movies, or roasted nuts.

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Komadre Kombucha: Chai Apple Kombucha

komadre kombucha chai holiday

What it is: An effervescent chai and apple-flavored kombucha.

Who loves it: The health-conscious, the hungover, and the spirit-free folks

Pair it with: Persimmon cake or a kale and apple salad

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Mad Hat Tea: Mad Campfire

mad hat tea mad campfire holiday

What it is: A spicy, nutty tea of orange, cinnamon, and almond blended into African Rooibos.

Who loves it: anyone outside looking at holiday lights, or to soothe an overfull tummy

Pair it with: fresh-baked cookies or breakfast

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Peaks and Pints: Flights, and beer and cider to go

peaks and pints holiday flights

What it is: An assortment of local holiday beers on tap and available to-go! Ask for a holiday flight, then take your favorites with you.

Who loves it: Beer and cider fans

Pair it with: A cooler and lots of ice at your next holiday party

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