march 1-2
The TRCVB, in conjunction with Washington State Tourism (WST) and Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), hosted a ?Savor Washington? workshop [a two-day culinary/agritourism product development workshop] on March 1 and 2. Workshop participants toured farms in the Puyallup Valley on day one, where we heard different stories from farmers in the area and how their farm provides residents and visitors alike with fresh, local food. 
A common theme we heard among farmers is the need to differentiate their product offerings and find niche markets with specific culinary/agritourism needs. Farm visits included Terry's Berries, Little Eorthe Farm, Crying Rock Farm and Scholz Farm. We ended day one with a fun reception at The Old Cannery in Sumner where participants were already having exciting conversations about what culinary/agritourism experiences Pierce County could offer.

Day two was facilitated by Judy Walden of the Walden Mills Group (Denver, CO). Judy took the group through an inspirational and fast-paced workshop. Workshop topics included:

  • travel trends that are driving demand for culinary/agritourism
  • how to make money in tourism
  • tackling the big three: insurance, profitability and seasonality
  • using food to define a distinctive sense of place
  • building Pierce County as a year-round foodie destination

As the workshop concluded, there were many budding partnerships among farmers, restaurants and tourism providers. We sketched out some great itineraries to help visitors immerse themselves in our destination and experience the wide array of culinary and agricultural experiences we have to offer. Itineraries will be further developed by the TRCVB, WST and WSDA and promoted to tour operators and visitors.

If you'd like to be a part of the Pierce County culinary/agritourism program, please e-mail