Entice visitors to be your customers and increase exposure for your business by posting a coupon on www.traveltacoma.com/deals
Who should participate: attractions, activities, restaurants, tour operators, transportation companies
Why you should participate: your deal incentivizes visitors to spend money with you. Offering a deal also allows you to track customers who found out about your business on www.traveltacoma.com.
When you need to participate by: Friday, Feb. 17
How you can participate: provide a value-added incentive to upsell visitors. Example: complimentary appetizer with purchase of entrée.
  • Include any perimeters, such as limit to one per party, etc.
  • Increase business at key times. Make coupon valid only during your down times (weekends, lunch hour, etc.; whatever your particular business needs may be)
Sign me up! Email your deal to andrea@traveltacoma.com