renovating the meeting industry
Those in the meeting industry know from experience there's a shift happening in it. The lines previously drawn between our social and office lives have faded with the increase in technology. It wasn't long ago when conferences were the primary mode for information sharing. ?Now, attendees can get most of the meeting's content via website, simulcast or videos posted online,? says Dr. Stephani Robson, a senior lecturer at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. This means face-to-face networking at meetings is the most important part of the conference.
So what are hotels and venues doing to accommodate the shift? They're redesigning in a big way. Turning meeting space into social gathering locations or places for small connections has changed guests? and planners? perceptions and behaviors. ?Participants at conferences expect to be comfortable, even if they are in formal meetings listening to speakers,? says Dr. Robson. 
Convention Centers are taking note of the change as well. Rather than the ?efficient-feeling space to get things done and go home,? Dr. Robson notes convention centers aim for a ?warm, stylish and welcoming social experience.? This can be achieved by spaces with pod seating and mini meeting areas. 
The bottom line is, meeting venues are realizing the benefit of a multifunctional room versus two specialized rooms. These multifunctional rooms help planners save money by using less space for more events. Find a cost-saving modern and unforgettable facility for your next successful meeting in Tacoma + Pierce County.