Spring is in the air and although it’s not Washington State Fair season yet, we get a little taste this weekend at the Spring Fair from Thursday, April 14 through Sunday, April 17. Celebrate spring with funnel cakes, freshly squeezed lemonade and the beloved fair scone.

Here’s your link to get your tickets now and save 25% if you buy before this Wednesday, April 13.

There are many reasons to attend the fair but here are our top ten:

  1. Dock Dogs – If you are an animal lover this is the show for you. Watch as trainers get their dogs to long jump in to a pool. The dog who jumps the furthest wins the gold medal. Pro tip: if you sit in the first row you might be in the splash zone.
  1. Motorsport Mayhem – Are you in to monster trucks? I mean who isn’t? Cars will be smashed and engines will be revved during this thrilling performance.
  1. Timberworks Lumberjack Show – Watch as flannel wearing athletes put on a comedic family friendly show. A mix of competitive sports and comedy make this performance a must see.
  1. Duris Elephant Ears – A fair just isn’t a fair without an elephant ear. Grab one of their delicious elephant ears or try their, brand new this year, Dole Whips for a treat that will help cool you down.
  1. Fireworks – Both Friday and Saturday night the Spring Fair will be lighting off fireworks at 9pm. This spectacular show is sure to finish off your day with a bang.
  1. Extreme Scream – Puyallup is a big town but one of its staples is seeing the Extreme Scream in the skyline. This 20 story ride is not for the faint of heart, so kids step aside, this one is for mom and dad.
  1. Sillyville – This year the Spring Fair will be including Sillyville. Sillyville is loaded with rides for the little ones. Watch them laugh as they ride C.P. Huntington Train and giggle as they hop on the antique merry go round.
  1. Swifty Swine Racing Pigs – Pigs may not be fast but you’ll be surprised how fast a piglet who’s after an Oreo might be. Watch and cheer as these little piglets race for the blue ribbon (but mostly the Oreo).
  1. La Fiesta De Done Andres: Dancing Horses – For a little Mexican themed fun join the party featuring Ramon Mejia and friend’s Dancing Horses. There will be authentic Mexican food, music, and of course dancing horses!
  1. Fisher Scones – Who doesn’t love to indulge on fair food every once in a while? Get in line early because these babies are popular. Freshly baked and smothered in butter and jam these are one of the most popular food items at the fair.