The delicious smell of fresh scones slathered with butter and raspberry jam will soon be wafting through the air starting this Friday, Sept. 2. That’s right, the Washington State Fair is back! This year the fair is open for an extra week giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy all it has to offer..

The Fair is near and dear to the hearts of locals. Because they already know the ropes, we thought it might be good to help out the newcomers. So with that being said here are the “must-knows” for Washington State Fair beginners:

  1. Bet there first. Be among the first to enjoy the nationally renown fair by going Labor Day weekend. The fair only just recently started opening for this weekend, so the crowds have not caught up yet. 
  2. Get in line early for Fisher Scones. The Fisher Scones are the most iconic food of the Washington State Fair and at the 2015 fair they sold 1.6 million of these delicious treats. They are served warm with butter and raspberry jam oozing out the sides. As you can imagine the lines get long. Jump in line early to avoid the long lines that accumulate in the afternoon and evening.
  3. Check out the Washington State Fair’s deals page to save.  You never know what great deals they will have to make your day at the fair even sweeter. From discounts on admission to concerts you never know what you might find on their page.
  4. Grab lunch outside of the fair grounds. You had fair food for breakfast and you’re planning on eating fair food for dinner, it’s ok to leave the grounds for a lunch out in Puyallup. Just make sure to get your hand stamped on the way out so you can get back in. May we suggest hitting Crockett’s Public House for lunch?
  5. Use the Pierce Transit Fair Express Bus. Want to park free and avoid driving in traffic? Use the express bus which picks up from Lakewood Towne Center, Tacoma Mall, and Southhill Mall. The cost to ride is only $2 for adults!
  6. Pick up an Xfinity Dizzy Pass. There are tons of rides at the fair and many you might want to do again and again. A Dizzy Pass will help save money if you are a ride conqueror. Get one of these passes and you can ride any ride in Sillyville or Midway as much as you want.