maximize the success of your event
Start seeing increased attendance with successful speaker programming. Guest speakers can make or break an event, especially in terms of the bottom line. Ensure success and maximize ROI with tips from industry veteran Diane Goodman of Goodman Speakers Bureau:
  • If maximizing attendance is a top priority, consider asking the speaker to record a short clip on what they'll be speaking about and encourage attendees to reserve their spot early
  • Consider asking the keynote speaker if they'll host a breakout session later in the day
  • Ask if speakers will attend special events such as a VIP breakfast or reception to encourage back and forth, face to face, idea sharing
  • Keep the lines of communication open with the speaker as they're there to help augment your conference message
  • About one month after the event consider offering a webinar, with or without the speaker, to be sure attendees get the most value from their experience
  • In exchange for a reduced rate, allow the speaker to sell some of their materials at the event
  • If the speaker is interested in updating their CD or DVD series, consider allowing them to record their presentation in exchange for a reduced price
  • Always remember to follow through, properly thank the speaker after the conference

Finding the right speaker and making them happy will amplify the success of your meeting. Tacoma + Pierce County has a variety of options to make your experienced speaker feel comfortable and welcomed at your next event.