Travel Tacoma + Pierce County has restructured to focus on its core purpose: Building destination awareness and driving economic impact through regional conventions, meetings and events.

Function follows form.  So the team has reorganized into these two core departments: Marketing + Sales.

Vice President of Marketing, Jaime Vogt, will lead the team responsible for marketing, communications and visitor information.  She will be responsible for building destination awareness, and providing a great visitor experience. As part of the realignment, the Visitor Information Center is now a component of the Marketing Department. Similarly, Tour + Travel, as it pertains to leisure travel will be moved into Marketing. While marketing will continue to promote Tour + Travel itineraries on, and work with interested operators, Travel Tacoma will no longer be proactively pursuing Tour + Travel development.

Vice President of Sales + Servicing, Chelene Potvin-Bird, will lead the consolidated regional + convention center sales team and conference services.  Potvin-Bird will be responsible for driving event bookings at regional venues and the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center; and preparing our customers, and the community for successful events.

Administrative and Business Development teams remain the same.

If you have specific questions about the restructuring, please don't hesitate to contact President + CEO of Travel Tacoma + Pierce County, Bennish Brown.