grassi's cafe is a historic + delicious stop on your tacoma + pierce county adventure
The first of my summer excursions brought me to a place that you would never expect in a million years; a place that I have passed by repeatedly without noticing the "open for lunch" sign. That place is Grassi's Garden Café. After eating an unforgettable lunch here, I deem it one of Tacoma's local treasures and a must-eat stop on your next visit to Tacoma. If you're looking for an authentic place to grab a bite to eat, I'm sure you'll love the local vibe at Grassi's, as much as I did.

At first glance, you might dismiss Grassi's as just another boutique along Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma, but that is quite the understatement. When you enter the building the first thing you'll notice is an entire room filled wall-to-wall with clothes and knick knacks for sale. Just follow the signs with arrows to find your way to the carpeted staircase. By the time you reach the top of the stairs, a garden café will magically emerge.

The staff and servers are so cheerful, you'll feel like you're eating at home (but without the work). You have to see the décor for yourself: ivy draping from one brick wall to the next, antique knick-knacks from floor-to-ceiling. And, the view of Tacoma is truly breathtaking no matter where you choose to sit.

If the ambiance at Grassi's is not enough to make you want to return, the food sure is. I had "The Clucker," a fresh-made sandwich with chicken, avocado and tomato served on a croissant, topped with a cute daisy garnish, just what I needed for lunch on a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. My grandma, who accompanied me on this dining excursion, ordered the Tiramisu which is another must-eat off the menu. For those with a larger appetite, try the skyscraper, a towering sandwich with three layers of meat and two different types of cheese. And if the sun is just too beautiful to eat indoors? no problem! Grassi's also provides box lunches that make for a great picnic.

Kortney's Recap: Check out Grassi's when you're in Tacoma, it's worth the trip! This unusual setting adds a unique twist to your dining excursion. At Grassi's you'll experience the local vibe as you dine amongst Tacoma's oldest historic buildings.

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