Bringing attendees around water decreases stress and increases creativity
According to a January 2007 Consumer Report titled ?Shhh! Everyday noise can be harmful,? it found ?low-level office noise, notably from talking, raised levels of a major stress hormone and reduced workers? ability to solve a puzzle and get physically comfortable.? Noise leads to more stress and inherently, less motivation in the work-place. The ordinary sound levels in the office make workers feel more fatigue leading to decreased concentration and productivity. It also takes a toll on creativity. Stress and lack of energy are only two of the negative effects that everyday noises can have on our bodies.


How can meetings motivate and re-spark workplace creativity and production? Spending time near water allows for slower breathing and it breaks the cycle of stress experienced each work day. According to Health Leader, being around flowing water the heart finds rhythm and the nervous system comes into balance. Consider hosting a summertime meeting near or on the water to achieve results.

When planning an off site meeting, it's important to note ?professional fun results in a healthier you? and a healthier bottom line,? says Theresa Amabile, a professor at the Harvard School of Business. In a recent study, she discovered a direct correlation of happiness in the work place leading to productivity and creativity. She says, ?there seems to be a cognitive process that gets set up when people are feeling good that leads to more flexible, fluent, and original thinking.? Tie this together with relieving stress by being around water and your next meeting just became the top motivational factor driving your workforce.

Aside from the usual reasons for attending a meeting, networking, learning, sharing, etc., give attendees another reason to come, relieving stress and increasing productivity. Tacoma + Pierce County offers unique and productive meeting venues and creative excursions, located on the shores of South Puget Sound.