Heritage Distilling Company, Inc. opens this fall to the public for tastings, bottle sales and tours.

Gig Harbor, WA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012-The first and only craft distillery location in the United States where spirits lovers can legally craft or custom order their own small-batch spirits launches November 3rd. Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.™ (HDC™) opens this fall to the public for tastings, bottle sales and tours. Portions of the unique distillery space are available to rent for private events, as well.

In addition to distilling and distributing their product lines under the Heritage Distilling Company brand, HDC offers the following hands-on exclusive programs and services:

Your Whiskey, Your Way™ Programs:

  • My Batch™: Get your hands dirty making your own hand-crafted, small-batch of vodka, gin or whiskey under our direction in our licensed facility, using our stills and equipment.
  • Cask Club™: For spirits enthusiasts who share our belief that customers should decide how their bourbon, rye or whiskey tastes. HDC manages and ages custom aged whiskey products in private 10-liter casks according to each Cask Club Member’s individual specifications.

Heritage Distilling Company’s planned lines of spirits include the following:

  • Washington’s Rye Whiskey™: A proud nod to our country’s first President (215 years after George Washington created one of the first US Distilleries), rich and full-bodied, with dry fruit and spicy essence. This recipe is a local variation of General Washington’s own original recipe.
  • Elk Rider™ vodka, gin and whiskey, following traditional distilling methods.
  • Wherskey™ vodka, gin &light whiskey, geared towards spirits enthusiast looking for softer and lighter options.

“We believe everyone has a life story to tell, with their own sense of ‘spirit’. Likewise, every small batch spirit made at our distillery has a unique story behind it, whether it is a batch of our branded lines or an ultra-small batch of spirits made by spirits enthusiast in our My Batch program or custom aged in our Cask Club program. It’s why we say, ‘Every Spirit has a Story’,” said HDC Founder and President Jennifer Stiefel.

“Unlike wine and beer, which people can legally make at home for personal consumption, it is illegal to own and operate a still without federal and state licensing. Up until now people interested in making spirits had very few options. Now thanks to our patent-pending My Batch and Cask Club programs spirits enthusiasts can get involved as much or as little as they want, legally,” said HDC’s CEO and General Counsel, Justin Stiefel.

Heritage Distilling’s Grand Opening Event: November 3rd from 10am – 4:00pm

Your Whiskey, Your Way Programs Booking will soon be available at http://www.heritagedistilling.com