May 9, 2017—Tacoma, Washington — As this week marks National Travel & Tourism Week, Travel Tacoma + Pierce County is taking the opportunity to unveil a new way they’ll be reaching out to provide visitors with information, recommendations and local expert advice. Building on last year’s successful launch of the Team Ask253 street team which served more than 800 Pierce County visitors, today, the team unveiled a brand-new, custom-built bike-and-cart tricycle that has been dubbed TIMBR (Tacoma + Pierce County Informational Mobile Bike Resource).

TIMBR is a person-powered visitor information tricycle that will carry brochures, a Polaroid camera, Pierce County themed swag and a giant umbrella to locations around the County. Covered with “authentic” fake-wood paneling as a nod to the region’s industrial history and builder culture, TIMBR is a natural attention draw and becomes an impromptu mobile selfie station where visitors can get a keepsake Polaroid picture taken to remember the moment. This summer beginning Memorial Day, you’ll find Team Ask253 and TIMBR at various events, festivals and highly trafficked areas for visitors throughout Pierce County.

“The reason people visit our area is to explore, and especially in the summer, visitors are found out and about in our county exploring our art, nature and more. We want to make sure to provide a wandering visitor with advice and expertise on where to explore next, where to eat or help answer any questions they might have,” said Lisa Barker, Travel Tacoma + Pierce County Visitor Experience Manager. “Last year’s launch of Team Ask253 was successful in boosting the number of visitors we could assist, and now equipping our team with TIMBR, we’re positive that that number will continue to grow. TIMBR’s tough and industrious look wrapped into a tricycle is a fun site to see and we believe people will just have to stop and talk to Team Ask253 when they catch sight of this handsome bike.”

Photographs of TIMBR can be found here.