the etiquette of exchanging business cards
China is an emerging travel market identified for its growing wealth and desire to explore the U.S. As the TRCVB works to promote Pierce County as a desirable travel destination, our hope is that our local community and its businesses will also invest in this market by preparing to welcome Chinese travelers.

?Chinafication? is the process of preparing for Chinese visitors and ensuring that they leave with a great impression of our destination that they'll want to tell their friends about!

As with doing business in all tourism markets, showing respect is an important part of developing long-term business relationships in the Chinese market. One way of showing respect in this emerging market is through honoring the business card exchange etiquette of their culture. 
Here are some tips to help make an excellent first impression while exchanging business cards or ?name cards? as they're referred to in China:
  • Name cards should be dual-sided with English on one side and simplified Chinese on the other. Remember to include your title. 
  • Name cards are exchanged upon meeting.
  • Name cards should be exchanged with two hands, with the Chinese side face-up and with the writing faced toward them.
  • Ensure your name cards are clean and neat, not bent or smudged.
  • When distributing your name card DO NOT deal them out to multiple people, like dealing playing cards.
  • When receiving a name card DO NOT write on them or shove them in your back pocket.
By remembering these simple etiquette tips, you will make a great first impression that will open the doors to long-term relationships and future business with the lucrative Chinese market.