We are partnering with Tacoma's School of the Arts to provide students with educational opportunities through tourism. This partnership will also result in internship projects that enable visitors to have a deeper connection to our arts + culture community. We want TRCVB members to be a part of this!
Each January, 100+ Tacoma high school students make the Next Move toward their future by interning with local businesses. For three weeks (Jan. 14-31) these non-paid positions allow students to work amongst professional adults to see what working in that field is really like, helping in any way that they can, while they learn what it really takes to succeed in the workplace.

Who Should Participate: Businesses that want to provide qualified juniors and seniors at SOTA (School of the Arts) and SAMI (Science and Math Institute) with real world educational opportunities. Students intern all over the Puget Sound, some even experiencing a daily commute.

Why You Should Participate: Businesses that offer real world internships can change lives. The good news for young people is that there are so many career choices. And the bad news is there are so many career choices! With the rapidly rising cost of college tuition, high school students need to make more informed decisions before they commit to college. Internships at your business help students make informed decisions about their future.

Sign Me Up! If you would like to learn more, or are ready to make your Next Move in supporting a young member of our community as a new intern site, contact Michaele Sein-Ryan at mseinry@tacoma.k12.wa.us or [253] 571-7960.