The Carbon River Corridor is a 20-mile stretch between the town of Wilkeson and the Carbon River entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. In recent years, visitation to this less-developed entrance to the park has been growing. Now, with the timed-entry reservation system beginning at Mount Rainier on May 24, the Corridor is about to get more attention than ever before.

Carbon River arguably has the most variability of all the park's entrances in terms of seasonality, road conditions, services, and campgrounds. What you need to know before you go could fill a book, and what you probably didn't learn but should have could fill the sequel. With that in mind, the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan has been established, and is providing a resource to make sure you arrive with enough fuel (for vehicles, bodies, and minds) to enjoy yourself.

If you're thinking about heading that way, first visit Experience Carbon Canyon.