It's hard to believe the new year isn't new anymore. Already we're into February, well into new projects and new challenges and a long legislative session filled with uncertainty.

We have a great deal to celebrate at the TRCVB -- a few more team members to help us sell the destination, a new website that is about to be mobile-optimized, an ever-stronger Board to lead us into a year of inevitable challenges. It might seem so much has happened with our organization that it's hard to keep up. You might even be confused about your role in growing tourism.

Make no mistake: we need you. We need our members, our elected leaders and our community to work with us to ensure we take full advantage of every opportunity. We need you to make your voice heard in Olympia as we work with others around the state to propose a transition plan as the Washington State Tourism office faces closure. We need you to take advantage of all the tools we have to help deliver business to you. And we need your ideas, your feedback and your experience to help us to grow ever-stronger.

Welcome, partners, to a not-so-new year. Let's link arms and face forward -- we need each other now more than ever.