New Publisher for 2013 Tacoma + Pierce County Guides
SagaCity Media is the new publisher of the Tacoma + Pierce County Visitor Guide and Meeting Planner Guide.
Our partnership with SagaCity taps the Pierce County tourism community into new resources. The partnership enhances our publications to inspire visitors and meeting planners. The message: choose Tacoma + Pierce County.
Expect a fresh twist on these publications. SagaCity uses intentional design and content strategies for print, online and mobile formats. They focus on storytelling. The new visitor guide will arrive in January 2013. The meeting planner guide will follow in July 2013.

SagaCity Media has an excellent track record. They publish the Washington State Visitors' Guide and other personally inspiring guides [Travel Portland and Visit Bellevue to name a few]. SagaCity has promoted tourism in Washington state for the past six years. They have 10 years experience in publishing.

Did we mention SagaCity's other well-known magazines Seattle Met and Portland Monthly?

We urge you to consider the Tacoma + Pierce County Visitor Guide and Meeting Planner Guide as a vital part of your marketing plan. These guides are essential to reach leisure travelers and nationally-qualified meeting planners. And, as a TRCVB member, you receive a discounted advertising rate.
Please join us and welcome Saga City Media to our tourism community.

For information on advertising [or maybe just to say hello] contact:
Jeff Adams | SagaCity Media 
?[206] 454-3007 |