A question I love to ask people is, “what’s your favorite type of prepped potato?” You get answers like: mashed, loaded, baked, twice baked, etc.  However, one answer that is always near the top, if not THE top, is the oh so simple French fry. 

What makes French fries so good? Is it the crispy outside, the gooey inside, the salt or spices loaded on? Whatever it is, when you have a good order of fries you know it immediately. I’ve taken it upon myself to find some of the best fries in Pierce County. It was a sacrifice I know, but now I want to share with you my findings. So here they are, In no particular order:

Giorgio’s, Puyallup 

You may not think of Greek food when thinking of fries, but Giorgio’s in Puyallup has got a near perfect French fry. This is my go to take out spot and not once have I received a cold fry.  The crispy texture on the outside is excellent and they don’t skimp on portion size. You can even order these fries Greek style with feta and herbs served on top.

Fries and BurgersPick Quick, Fife 

If it’s a nice day out or you’re just a fan of a good old-fashioned burger joint, check out Pick Quick’s fries. These fries are an excellent example of a drive in classic. Pick Quick serves what most call "shoe string fries" they are nice and thin making the crispiness on this potato treat superb.  If you want to spice them up, make them chili fries! They will slather some chili all over your fries turning that side in to a meal. You can't go wrong at Pick Quick.


Stack 571, Tacoma

Why is it that waffle fries seem to taste extra good, even though it’s just a shape difference? Regardless, Stack 571 is the place to get that exquisite waffle fry. Not only do they have a tasty plain waffle fry,  they also have Parmesan Truffle waffle fries and Gorgonzola fries, both topped with appetizing quality ingredients taking the waffle fry to a whole new level.

Crockett’s, Puyallup Crockette's Puyallup

Crockett’s is a great place to grab a bite to eat. It’s a personal favorite of mine and you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. The one item you don’t want to miss though? The sweet potato fries. They are divinely crispy and, if you ask, come with a side of chipotle aioli. This combination works perfectly together.

Tempura Green BeansThe Habit Burger Grill, Tacoma 

Tempura green beans aren’t technically French fries, but if you’re looking for a healthier twist on the classic fried potato, check these out! They’re fried to deliciousness and guess what? If you still want a classic fry with that, Habit allows you to do halfsies for your sides. So, you can get half tempura green beans and half classic french-fries (or onion rings or sweet potato fries). Oh, and while you’re there, make sure to try the Peach Ginger Nectar Juice!



Engine House #9, Tacoma 

or E9 as locals call it, serves up some great comfort food and one of my favorite items on the menu, you guessed it, their fries. E9’s beer battered fries are crunchy and delicious and leave you wanting more. They’re not shy on how many they give you, but I still wouldn’t share, they’re too good!

Bruno’s, Eatonville 

Just imagine, you’ve come down from Mt. Rainier after a long hike or snowshoe (depending on the season) and you’re starving. There’s no better way to finish off a day of hard work and adventure than with a stop at Bruno’s in Eatonville. At Bruno’s you get the option of tater tots or fries with your meal. Both are tasty, but what makes them even better is that you get a free refill! You don’t have to stress when your family or friends steal a handful of your delicious, warm from the fryer fries, because in a few minutes, you can have a whole new plate loaded with more.

Chronic Taco, Lakewood 

Chronic Taco in Lakewood has a something on their menu called “Chronic Fries” and they are worth checking out. These fries are topped with pico, carne asada, melted cheese and more! You won’t leave hungry after a plate of these.

TatchosMcNamara’s, DuPont 

Ok, I know tater tots aren’t technically French fries, but I’m going to group them into the category, just for McNamara’s, and here’s why… tatchos. McNamara’s serves up delectable tots smothered in nacho toppings. How can you go wrong there? You’ll be licking the plate after this one.


Main Street Dairy Freeze, Sumner 

Home cut curly fries, need I say more? You don’t have to wait all year long for the fair to come around to have the fresh, hot, curly fries we all desire. You can get them year-round at Sumner’s adorable Main Street Dairy Freeze. And since you’re already there, don’t miss out on a milkshake!

Now I am not saying this is the final word on French fries in Pierce County. I’m sure I’m missing some tasty fry stops. If there’s a place you think should be on the list, please share! In the meantime, enjoy those potatoes!