Tacoma and Pierce County in Movies

Watch Tacoma on the big screen, on your small screen

Dozens of feature films have been filmed in Tacoma in the past several decades, but there are a select few that - despite some of them being claiming to be set in Seattle - are clearly showing off some of Tacoma and Pierce County's coolest places.

Since you're doing your part by staying home, pop yourself some reasonably priced popcorn, pour yourself a normal sized soft drink, fire up your favorite streaming service and watch your favorite places (or soon-to-be favorite places) whiz by on the big screen.


10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

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What to watch for: Stadium High School is where the action centers, culminating in the famous scene with Heath Ledger in the bleachers, but the main family's house is also just up the road in Tacoma.


The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (1992)

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What to watch for: A lovely house in Tacoma's North End neighborhood on Yakima Avenue is what where a lot of the film takes place, but you'll notice scenes from all over Tacoma.


I Love You to Death (1990)

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What to watch for: The unmistakable Bostwick Building becomes a pizza restaurant with an apartment above for one of the main characters, but Bob's Java Jive, the Elks Club Building (now McMenamins Elks Temple), and Stadium High School all make appearances.


Three Fugitives (1989)

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What to watch for: This one is chock-full of Pierce County locations, from where the main characters leave prison (McNeil Island) to Steilacoom, and all over downtown Tacoma, including the old Elks Club Building (now McMenamins Elks Temple), Old City Hall, and the Rialto Theater. 


Say Anything (1989)

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What to watch for: As John Cusack's character is driving down what is clearly South Tacoma Way, he passes the iconic, teapot-shaped Bob's Java Jive.


War Games (1983)

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What to watch for: This is more of a cameo of the community of Steilacoom, where they feature the main characters catching a ferry to Anderson Island (named Goose Island in the movie).